Preventing Carbon Monoxide Exposure: A How-To

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. You can’t see or smell this gas, but high levels in your home can lead to poisoning or worse in a matter of minutes. According to the Colorado State Extension Office, carbon monoxide is the number one cause of poisoning deaths each year, with more than 500 Americans succumbing to this deadly poison. With those thoughts in mind, you need to do everything possible to prevent carbon monoxide exposure. That means calling in heating repair services to inspect your HVAC equipment and taking advantage of several other life-saving tips.

Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you don’t already have them in your home, carbon monoxide detectors are an inexpensive investment that could potentially save your life. To prevent carbon monoxide exposure, use battery back-up models or make sure you change the batteries twice yearly. An easy way to remember to change the batteries is to do it during daylight savings time in both the spring and the fall.

Don’t Invite Carbon Monoxide into Your Home

There are certain things – like charcoal grills, camp stoves and gasoline-powered equipment – that you should never run inside your home because they exhaust carbon monoxide. Most people are aware of this, but they may not think twice about using these appliances near a door or a window, or in an enclosed area like a garage. Make sure that anything with a combustion engine or an open flame is used a safe distance away from your home. That includes the backup generator that you use during a power outage.

The same thing is true with gas ovens and kerosene heaters. You should never use a gas oven to heat your home because it will produce some carbon monoxide. Even though many people use kerosene heaters as backup or supplemental heat, these appliances can be dangerous also. If you plan to use a kerosene heater, make certain that your carbon monoxide detectors are operational.

Monitoring Your Appliances

Your heating system and water heater both have the potential to produce carbon monoxide. To prevent a dangerous situation, rely on heating repair services and other professionals to inspect both your furnace and your water heater. Routine servicing from Total Comfort Heating & Cooling is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to prevent exposure to carbon monoxide. Plus, it comes with other benefits, like an increased life span for your equipment and better energy efficiency.

Don’t take chances with your health and that of your family. You’ll find that by following these steps, it’s both easy and inexpensive to prevent carbon monoxide exposure. Contact Total Comfort Heating & Cooling today.

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