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With the temperatures in Tucson soaring above 100° many people are finding that their air conditioning system needs repair. If you find yourself in this position here are some tips to insure that you don’t inadvertently do more damage.

  1. Make sure your air filter is clean, a dirty air filter can cause your air conditioner to ice up. This can cause your AC to not cool properly, cause water damage to your homes walls and ceilings and also potentially damage your systems compressor.
  2. If your system is iced up, turn your thermostat to “Off” and set the fan switch to “On”, this will shut off the cooling and will melt the ice that has built up on your AC coil. If your filter was very dirty, you can try turning the AC back on after about 45 minutes and then watch closely to see if the unit starts to ice up again. If so call a professional to come out and diagnose your system, if the unit is iced up and the filter wasn’t dirty, call for service. Ice can be an indication of a number of problems with your ac and requires a trained professional to properly diagnose your ac system before serious damage is done.
  3. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling and you can hear the compressor running outside but the fan isn’t turning immediately shut your AC off. Failure of the fan when the AC compressor is running can result in compressor failure!
  4. If your circuit breaker is tripped, reset the breaker and observe if it trips again. If the system continues to operate without trouble you air conditioner may be ok, if the cooling in your home returns to normal. If the breaker trips again (even days or weeks later) or if the cooling still does  not seem right, turn the AC off and call for service.

These tips can save you from serious damage in the event of a breakdown. While your home may be hot for a while it is better than having more damage result from not turning the system off to protect vital components like the compressor. It is always ok to turn the fan to “On” to circulate air through the home unless you don’t hear the fan running or there is an electrical burning smell, then just turn the system to off and wait for the service technician to arrive and diagnose the problem.

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  • 1 year ago · Reply

    Thanks for sharing this article.There are ways to keep cool without turning on your air conditioner.

  • 6 months ago · Reply

    For a good ac maintenance you have to clean the outside unit and maintain the free open air surrounding.

  • 4 months ago · Reply

    My home is in desperate need of some air conditioning repair, and I think that being able to have some tips to get things going again would be helpful for us! I’m glad that you talked about turning off the system if your compressor is running, but the air conditioning fan isn’t turning. I’m going to need to see if we can get a professional air conditioning repair service out here this week to figure out why our fan isn’t turning, and hopefully thanks to your tip we saved our compressor!

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